We started out as a group of Native Nevadans that all shared one thing, a passion for hunting. After a few seasons of filming our hunts we wanted the ability to share, and educate others with our stories. Naturally we attempted a T.V. showing assuming that would be the best way to go. Little did we know how much a show would actually cost us. To earn money and raise awareness we started a clothing line based on animals we have encountered. It soon expanded far more then we expected. It not only brought interest to many hunters, but it consumed us as well. If we weren't on the mountain, we were designing. We could not stop thinking of ways to improve our small company. We came up with design after design and researched so many different wholesale companies to provide our customers with the lowest price possible while still providing top of the line quality.

One of the first things that sparked our interest was creating our own apparel. Not just the design to be printed on our clothing, but actually design the way they fit and looked. Camouflage! We all became obsessed. It was in our dreams when we went to sleep, it was on our minds at work, we became so one track minded over the idea. We are beyond passionate about finding a way to innovate camouflage, to come up with something that had a reason to it. Something that would be a game changer for not only male hunters, but women hunters as well. From the fit and comfort, to the scientific design. We were determined to find a way to enhance our skills on the field with this product, after years of research we finally mastered our design and are so proud to put our name on it.

We started with researching the animals way of life, and really focused on what made them different. How their senses work. How their reactions were. Most importantly how their eye sight was. It took us by surprise, always believing that the animals were color blind, many many studies go to show that they can see far beyond just white and black. The difference is humans have 3 cones in their eye catching the colors so that we can see a full color spectrum, where as deer only have 2 cones. This makes it so some of the color is not picked up in light, very similar to being partial color blind like several humans experience. Studies show that they can indeed see different shades of blue. This was crucial to our design. (deer's eye diagram below)

About us

Our pattern offers the ultimate coverage. Its not just created to blend in with the terrain, but to also break up your appearance on multiple levels. First duty this camouflauge offers is  to blend you into the surroundings, secondly is to break your figure up even further, if spotted, by directing the deer's eye to the blue outlines of brush, twigs, and leafs. Creating a distraction from the human body and drawing the attention to shapes it already knows in the surrounding area. Giving you a second chance to prevail with a successful harvest.